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Whats Included


Each week you will have access to an easy web submission tool that walks you through the process of writing your announcements.

Free Text Updates

What would event sign ups look like at your church if they could sign up VIA text? Setting up a digital connect card is simple.

Professional Spokespersons

Each week you will get a high quality spokesperson that is trendy but professional for your work.

Edit your Footage

If you would like to film your videos and have us edit them than thats great! We can film or you can either way we can edit away.

Share your Vision

Its a good thing when your guests are made the focus. Help increase guest experience by placing a welcome video at the beginning of each event.

Script Support

Don't have time to use our script writing portal/tools? Just send us bullet points and we'll do the rest.

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How People Use Thrifty

How People Use Us

Submiting your script

Each week all you have to do is submit your script with exactly what you want us to say. You can choose from pre written templates or just give us bullet points and we'll improvise the rest.
Do More with Your time

How People Use Us.

Thrifty is tool for people wanting to create consistent content to to inform their customers or audience on your exciting news!

If you have a TV that has a stagnant graphic you could have a custom weekly video that is relevant to the date and time.
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  • Loop videos to drive sales at your business
  • Welcome Guests at your Kiosks or Screens
  • Play Videos right before events begin or end
  • Use us as for your E-News or social media updates
2 / 3 — Who doesn't love a grandma
3 / 3 — I mean, come on.
Kick it old school

Traditional Approach

Go through a long and expensive hiring process to find someone local and get into long contracts. Invest heavily into upgrading your studio gear which costs on average $10,000 alone. After new hires start the turnover is usually high because of the large demand of requests from the rest of your staff. As a result of having to keep up everything creative in your organization, the weekly grind of putting out communication pieces usually gets rushed. The flip side is leaders don't care about quality and they just use their phones or budget cameras and scare away their guests. We work with videographer teams of 6-7 full time hires so they can focus on larger projects and we work with teams that have never held a camera. No matter where you are in the spectrum of size, outsourcing is the most financially responsible decision you can make.

Don't worry. We have templates to help you come up with the perfect things to say. 👍🏼

It is really that easy.


Step 1. You Submit Script

Simply sign in to your account and submit a script that is personalized for your event before 2pm EST. ( Don't worry, we have templates you can copy paste)


Step 2. We film it

Tuesday afternoon and evening we film your video and make sure it looks awesome. We have API between the form you fill out and our teleprompter. 😯


Step 3. We edit it

On Wednesday afternoon we edit it and put in all the final touches. We then upload it to dropbox or google drive (your choice) and prepare it for you.


Step 4. You Download it.

On Thursday afternoon you download it and plug it directly into your presentation software. Thats it!

PREMIUM PLAN- (Weekly video)

This is our most popular plan for organizations, event centers, conferences, and more. Every week you will get a custom scripted video that is perfect for your event communication. This is a great opportunity to have another voice sharing your vision and excitement for your events!

  • Logo and Branding
  • Custom Text Keyword
  • Announcement Bumper
  • Weekly Delivery
  • Unlimited Announcements



Welcome Video

Custom Text Keyword

Logo & Branding

Announcement Bumper

Weekly Delivery

Unlimited Announcements

$399 USD Monthly payment
$150 USD payment every month

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